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Ice & Hot Office Fill Station

15000 Series

With the ability to produce large quantities of chewable ice, the 15000 is our flagship ice/water dispenser and is the only model in the industry to dispense hot water and offer UV sanitization.

PW90 Key Features
  • Optimal dispense height & area: Ergonomic design for “no-bend” dispensing. Spacious dispense area for larger refillable bottles.

  • Dent-resistant: Strong steel frame resists dents and damage.

  • Multi-stage purification set-up: Available with advanced purification systems.

  • High capacity: Hot, cold and ambient water plus ice dispenser. High production rate “bullet-style” ice per day.

  • Eco-friendly: 24/7 leak protection system and an energy efficient mode.


15000 Series Brochure

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