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Water Softeners

Whole house solution Reverse Osmosis
Whole house solution Specialty Carbon & Softener
Whole house solution Salt Free treatment

Bluewater Whole House Solutions provide a portfolio of systems to soften, filter and purify water for household use. Bluewater offers two whole house solutions to meet your needs: the Bluewater Whole House SuperiorOsmosis™ and the Bluewater Whole House Filtration Systems.


  • Softeners: Gets rid of minerals like calcium and magnesium that cause limescale, corrosion, spotty glasses, dishes and shower walls and premature appliance failure. Reduces salt usage compared to standard water softeners due to high efficiency resins and variable up flow. brining techniques to minimize water waste.

  • Catalytic Carbon Filters: Eliminates chlorine and chloramine, common municipal water disinfectants.

  • Sediment and Turbidity Removal Filters: Take away unwanted particles that cause clog pipes and appliances.

  • Iron and Manganese Filters: Protect pipes, fixtures, appliances, tub and tiles from staining, scaling and corrosion. 


Bluewater Whole House Treatment Solutions

Bluewater Whole House Solutions

101 Water offers customization to any size equipment to fit you business needs.
95 MTS Series commercial water softner.jpg

 95 MTS Series Commercial Water Softener 

The 95MTS Series softeners provide up to 132 gpm continuous soft water (Quadplex system with one tank allowed off line for regeneration at all times) 24 hours a day. They are engineered and thoroughly tested to provide years of reliable, trouble free performance with minimal maintenance.


95MTS Series Softener brochure

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