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Ultra Pure Artesian Water
Sourced from 5,000 feet below sea level
The benefits from drinking Idra Water:
  • Great taste that only ultra pure water can deliver

  • Naturally alkaline pH 8.3

  • Living water, not treated in any way

  • Naturally contains calcium, potassium magnesium and silica.

  • Totally free of tritium and other surface pollutants

  • Contains antioxidant properties

  • Improves energy & metabolism

  • Increases oxygen levels

  • Makes you feel good from head to soul

Idra Water is sourced from an artesian aquifer located over 5,000 feet below sea level, which is considered to be the deepest known aquifer in the U.S. today. Our premium water is filtered through 500 million year- old dolomite rock formations which naturally give it high alkalinity— 8.3 pH—and a concentration of calcium, magnesium, silica and other minerals.

Idra Water is 'living water' which means it has not been treated in any way. It is ultra-pure and is bottled at the source using natural pressure which forces the water directly into the bottles, free from human contact until you open the cap. We imbue our water with unique ancient meditations for wellbeing and rejuvenation so you can manifest your unlimited potential every day.

Water purification

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