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Making Coffee

Bodecker Brewed Coffee System

101 Water is proud to offer the environmentally friendly Bodecker Brewed ® for coffee, espresso, cappuccino, tea, hot chocolate, and even soup!
Bodecker Brewed ® process delivers consistency in performance, cost efficiencies with supplies and maintenance, as well as recyclable product to your office or business.​
  • Bodecker in the office
    Bodecker offers the convenience of fresh-brewed coffee brewed in 32 seconds with a wide variety of different blends and flavors, no flavor tracing from one cup to the next and a feature that allows you to custom brew your coffee to a desired strength. As for employees: why buy a product that is relatively inconvenient to get, when it's free at the office? They are willing to spend as much as $12.00 per employee per month. By having good quality coffee at the office they are able to see savings and enjoy the perfect cup of coffee in the comfort of their office. Bodecker coffee is a great way to make employees and customers feel valued. It is also a benefit to you as an employer. Here's why: Everyone gets to enjoy delicious, high quality coffee, tea, soup and hot chocolate Employees don't need to leave the office for that expensive coffee bar down the street. Great coffee right in the office means your workplace benefits from increased productivity as well as morale. It's a wonderful way to compliment your employees and clients. Set a standard of quality and let them know you care.
  • Just better coffee
    Advantages & Benefits of The Bodecker Brewed ® Process There are three components to the Bodecker Brewed coffee brewing process: 1. Single-portion brewer: A coffee brewing system that produces perfectly consistent single cups of coffee through a patented process that delivers precise water pressure, temperature and flow rate. The result is uniformity of extraction. 2. Bob-Cup individual coffee portion: A recyclable self-contained coffee portion that houses the fresh roasted and ground coffee and our patented filter medium resulting in a perfect single cup of coffee. No waste, no mess and recyclable as a result of being aluminum. 3. Bodecker Brewed coffees: Nine World Class Coffees developed by the Master Roaster specifically for this process. Breakfast Blend - Mild blend Monticello - Mild Blend Colombian - Medium Blend Esperanto - Bold Blend Turkana - Strong Blend Delano Decaf - 100% Colombian Decaffeinated Tortello - Chocolate Hazelnut Flavored Franzella - French Vanilla Flavored Cappulato - Caramel Cappuccino Flavored
  • The Bodecker 'Bob-Cup' is fully recyclable
    Recycling Program Aluminum is used to make products like foil, pie plates, candy wrappers, food and beverage containers, frozen food trays and car bodies. All of these things can be made from recycled aluminum. In fact, about 65% of North America's aluminum are being recycled and remain one of the most valuable recycled materials. Aluminum has a high market value and continues to provide an economic incentive to recycle. Discovered in the 1820's, aluminum is the most abundant metal on earth. Aluminum is made using a mineral called bauxite that is mined from the earth. The bauxite is mixed in a solution and heated to separate out the aluminum. It is then rolled out into sheets that can be molded into different products and packaging. How is aluminum recycled? Crushed aluminum is shredded into small pieces. Then, magnets are used to remove steel, and any remaining paint and labels are removed with hot air. The shredded aluminum is melted in a hot furnace. The melted aluminum is poured into castings and cooled with water so pieces of aluminum called ingots are formed. The ingots are then rolled into sheets at a manufacturing facility. The Bodecker "Bob-Cup" material is fully recyclable according to the common recycling process for converted aluminum foil. First, this material will be shredded, afterwards de-coated and finally the resulting aluminum packed and molten. FACT: It takes 95% less energy to recycle aluminum than smelt the ore. FACT: Recycling reduces pollution and conserves a non-renewable resource. FACT: Between 75% and 85% of the soft drink cans in the home and office find their way into a recycling box. FACT: The number of hours a television can run on the electricity saved by recycling one aluminum can? 2
  • Environmentally friendly, recyclable products

  • Single cup at the touch of a button

  • Espresso setting

  • Wide variety of individually packed coffee, tea, soup and hot chocolate

  • Programmable features to adjust beverage strength

  • Brews at a higher temperature for a more full bodied cup of coffee

  • Uses hot air to flush line, insuring no flavor cross contamination between drinks

  • Flavor stability for a consistent taste

  • Patented filter, improving extraction & flavor

  • Compact space requirements for product

  • No pilfering issues as Bodecker does not have a residential brewer

Minimum order: 9 strips (1 case)
Each 'Flavor' below represents 1 strip (15 servings)
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