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Deionized Water System
Distilled Water System
UV Water Treatment Systems
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Deionized Water System

In today’s modern world technology has advanced with new solutions for common needs. One of them is an easier way to have water that is 100% demineralized for medical, cosmetic, commercial and industrial use.  This process used to remove all minerals from water through a filtration process is referred to as deionization.


Deionized water substitutes distilled water with the advantage that this is a cold process at a lower cost than distillers.  It is installed at your location so you have a continuous supply at anytime.


Deionized Water System Brochure

Mostly used by these industries:

101 Water offers customization to any size equipment to fit you business needs.
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Distilled Water System

Under The Counter GL Distiller 

Distilled water is water that has been turned into steam, so all the impurities are left behind. The steam is then condensed to make pure water. The prolonged boiling process of distillation kills and removes virtually all bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and other organic and inorganic contaminants. There is simply no other process as efficient or reliable. Once distilled, the water is as pure as water can reasonably be. So it should be no surprise that steam distilled water is the standard by which all other waters are measured. 


Distilled Water System Brochure

Commercial and residential use.

101 Water offers customization to any size equipment to fit you business needs.

Ultraviolet Water Treatment Systems

UV Pure™ systems feature patented Crossfire Technology™ with an innovative dual-lamp elliptical reflector design, self-cleaning quartz sleeve, and smart sensors for on-board diagnostics and remote monitoring capabilities. Crossfire

Technology was selected for water disinfection on the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and is trusted by water industry leaders including SUEZ (formerly GE Water), Evoqua (formerly Siemens Water), the Los Angeles Department of

Water and Power, Veolia, and CH2M. UV Pure has earned an Artemis Top 50 Clean Tech Company award, Going Green Global Top 200 award, two Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards, and a Canadian Drinking Water Association award for innovation.


  • Self-cleaning system prevents quartz fouling

  • Reliable high performance in low UVT conditions

  • Safe, easy lamp changes

  • Smart sensors for real-time monitoring


Hallett UV Pure Technologies

Mostly used by these industries:







101 Water offers customization to any size equipment to fit you business needs.
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